Find a Phone, Pair a Phone

You must use a smartphone that is compatible with the system. Before pairing your device, be sure that Bluetooth® has been turned on in your vehicle and on your device. To check compatibility, simply enter the provider, manufacturer and name of your device below. Once you see your device is compatible, you will find instructions for pairing.

Compatibility and Pairing

Instructions for pairing or adding a phone vary, depending on the model of phone.



Click below to see the device compatibility in the list.

Optional Features are only available on specific carlines and models

These devices have been tested in accordance with Mazda interoperability standards. Overall device compatibility as well as individual feature operation and functionality is dependent upon the devices software version, operating system and settings as well as the wireless service provider and any installed third party applications. Individual user experience may vary. Mazda Moter Corporation is not responsible for software irregularities or hardware issues devices may experience that are outside of our testing scope. As new device software versions become available, test compatibility results may change.
Please check these results regularly.
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